We all know that our ‘Data’ is the real powerhouse of Datapogo, but I (The Pogo) had the opportunity to meet up with the original Data, Brent Spiner.

I would love to say that we had a deep and meaningful conversation about space, the final frontier, the ethics and morality of artificial life forms (for the nerds check out ‘The Measure of a Man’) but I’m afraid the meeting was all too brief and all I got was a nice picture and a personal autograph. I can say that he was a very nice and welcoming chap and the experience was a good one!

Now back to the real Data… In the last few months we’ve been helping people create their tables and presentations with OfficeReports and begun working in new languages, including Chinese! We’ve also been working on tracking studies, shopper studies (with our friends at FieldAgent) and Central Location Tests. So whatever help you need, just get in touch!

The Pogo bouncing out…..