OfficeReports now connects directly to SurveyGizmo surveys

Following the great success of the OfficeReports link to SurveyMonkey, we now have a direct link to SurveyGizmo!


But what does this mean?

Very simply, once you’ve completed your SurveyGizmo study, you can link it directly to PowerPoint – no downloads, no tables, no Excel – just your survey responses appearing directly in PowerPoint charts which you can then customise (logos, colours size, position etc.) and distribute to your stakeholders with 100% accuracy.

How do you try it out?

All you need is the OfficeReports LinkPro software – cheap as chips – which you will save time and money paying for itself in just one project.  Click here to download the complete OfficeReports suite for a free 15-day trial!

Pogo bouncing out….