We teamed up with our friends at Field Agent and asked 800 people to tell us what they thought about Valentine’s Day – is at an overhyped, over commercialised event or is it still a day for lovers?

Not surprisingly we had some mixed results from our survey – yes it’s overrated but for many younger people its still a time for luuurve!

Even singles don’t miss out as 25% of them were still expecting to receive some sort of Valentine’s Day gift – and if they didn’t get anything then they would buy themselves something (usually chocolate – why not?)

There’s still an expectation that the guy will carry the cost of the day – flowers, an evening out, chocolates as well as a card!

But it might not be a happy ending as 61% of young guys were expecting to make love on the ‘day of love’, but only 39% of young gals thought the same way – so someone might be disappointed!

Click on the picture to see a wonderful infographic of the survey results:

Pogo bouncing out……

Valentine's Day